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Our mission

A healthy person has little reason to study what substances he receives from food, water, air, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics. After all, the body is a perfect mechanism and can handle everything. I was no different. But then it all changed.

When I was pregnant with my first son, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I started taking medication and apart from a little fatigue, frequent sore throats and dry skin, I had no major problems. After the birth of my second son, my health problems worsened. I suffered from chronic fatigue, poor sleep, a clouded brain, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, very dry skin, and palpitations. My fatigue was so strong that when I took my children to school, I had to go back to bed. I was not able to be a mother and a wife. I suffered from anxiety and depression. The hardest part was that I couldn't raise my children and go back to work.

One day, I accidentally got a book about healing of thyroid gland. Even though I had no idea at the time, it turned my life upside down. In a good way. Although I didn't believe it at first, somewhere deep inside, I felt a small light begin to appear at the end of the dark tunnel. I decided to give it a chance and the results did not take long. I already knew it wasn't my body that was attacking itself. The thought of being able to change something and take responsibilty of my health into my own hands was incredible!

My life changed after I started applying the Medical Medium treatment protocol. Chronic fatigue disappeared after a few months (two or three). Most of the other symptoms also gradually disappeared. It changed me not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. My body has become much stronger. I started a whole new life, I was born again, because for the first time in years I was not tired and I felt great. I am happy and grateful. Celery juice has become a part of my life.

On this journey, I understood that the basis for any cure is diet - the elimination of problematic and the introduction of medicinal foods. In combination with quality nutritional supplements, a very satisfactory positive result can be achieved. We have a number of preparations on the market, but some may also contain dangerous ingredients that can harm us more than help. Our shop was established so that you can choose safe "non toxic" products without laborious study of the composition. You no longer have to worry about purchasing supplements, we have tried and tested everything on ourselves!

My miracle healing and discovering journey continues - I have managed to complete two certified courses - Holistic Herbalist and Naturopathy Foundation which are accredited by the International Association of Therapists ( 

Johana Karasová