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terra etica Organic Niaouli Essential Oil from Madagascar, 10 ml

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The strong, slightly sweet, fresh scent of this oil from the leaves of the Niaouli tree will completely conquer you.

The scent is suitable for bronchitis, colds and coughs, for inhalations, for the sauna, it strengthens the immune system. It also cleans the air, disinfects, helps with asthma and locally with insect bites. It acts as an antiseptic, for herpes, acne, nail infections. It helps in wound healing. It supplies energy, harmonizes and stimulates.
It can also be used in the production of home cosmetics such as soaps, balms, skin cleansers, milks, creams; but also drugstores and cleaning products.
It contains eucalyptol, it is similar to Tea Tree oil, but sweeter, reminiscent of camphor.


Detailed product description

Natural, 100% pure, fair trade and organic Niaouli essential oil of first class quality gently distilled with low pressure steam from the leaves of the five-veined cajeput directly by its grower in his own new workshop on the highlands of northern Madagascar. The 278 small farmers of the Magneva Atsignanagna cooperative established an agroforestry system combining food crops such as fruit trees and cassava and aromatic plants on their small plots. Moreover, thanks to fair trade, they have recently managed to build their own craft distillery, in which they can process aromatic plants, fundamentally changing their position and role in the essential oil production sector. Sensitive management helps protect the environment and achieve harmony of the senses with essential oils obtained in harmony with nature.

Very high-quality organic Niaouli essential oil of the five-veined Melaleuca quinquenervia cajeput variety with the chemotype Eucalyptol, Alpha-Terpinéol, Limonène, Alpha-Pinène, Linalol. An essential oil is such a mysterious world, the soul or essence of a plant. The spirit and power of cajeput in aromatherapy relieves headaches, helps with colds, coughs and colds. Organic niaouli essential oil is a natural antidepressant, is suitable for fear and bad mood, supports concentration, has stimulating effects on the body and mind and supports the body's natural defenses. As a natural antibiotic, it is effective in mixtures for respiratory, viral and immunological diseases, helps with coughing, relieves muscle stiffness, joint pain and neuralgia.
Niaouli has a fresh, strong, medicinal aroma with a camphorous, slightly sweet balsamic undertone.

Kajeput are evergreen shrubs or trees with abundant inflorescences, of which most of the 300 known species grow naturally only in Australia, but have also been spread to other continents. Some people call them "paperbarks" because of their peeling paper-like bark, the oil of the alternate-leaved cajeput is known as tea tree oil, and the five-veined cajeput is known from the well-known Everglades in Florida, which as a very successful invasive species has significantly changed the shape of the unique landscape there. The same tree from whose leaves Niaouli essential oil is distilled.


The first organic and fair trade essential oils

Hereby we present the representative of probably the first series of essential oils in the world with organic farming certification, which are completely produced according to fair trade principles directly at the place of origin of the plants used. Cultivation and collection of aromatic and medicinal plants is based on ancestral tradition and is linked to knowledge, know-how and respect for the local ecosystem. Those who grow these plants, but tend to have a secondary role in the production process, are poorly valued and the growers themselves very rarely carry out the distillation.
Terra Etica cooperative project of the French company Ethiquable, however, creates fair trade projects with these producers with fair prices, long-term commitment and guarantee of origin. Among other things, this allows producers to improve their remuneration and reintroduce plant varieties that have already disappeared. It is this fair approach that has made it possible to build two new artisanal distilleries in Madagascar, offering employment, added value and higher qualifications to the indigenous population.

Chemical-free management - essential oils are created by the process of concentration of active substances. It is therefore very important that the input material is free of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides or pollutants deposited on the plant. Otherwise, even these substances harmful to the environment and our health can concentrate in the bottle.

Distillation of essential oils carried out in the heart of small producers' cooperatives is carried out by cold pressing or steam under low pressure, which allows to extract all the aromatic substances of the plant. It is then packed in France in colored bottles that limit the penetration of light, thus preventing oxidation that would reduce the quality of the oil.


Organic essential oil from the RCCE fair trade project

The Magneva Atsignanagna cooperative was established in 2016 in the Ampasimadinika Toamasina region in Madagascar with a focus on the cultivation of spices and fruits. Joint work and fair trade contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of members, support the transparent management of common goods and, thanks to education and support from the outside, strengthen the protection of the local environment. The motto of the organization is "Ovy haniry tsy tam-bato", i.e. in translation "Nothing prevents us from achieving our goal", in the spirit of which the construction of its own distillation workshop for the production of essential oils in organic quality was also successful.

However, already 2 years before the founding, the first events took place on the east coast of the island, in which several cooperatives operating in the Atsinanana region took part together in the spirit of the fair trade movement. Subsequent educational workshops and reflection on experiences led in 2018 to the formal creation of the RCCE (Réseau des Coopératives du Commerce Équitable) union, which consists of 5 local cooperatives involved in fair trade in the Atsinanana and Analanjirofo regions on the east coast of Madagascar. Today, it consists of almost 1,700 members who are engaged in the production of spices, cane sugar, fruit, and the production of handicrafts, and the Magneva cooperative focuses on organic essential oils.


What is an essential oil

With a bit of exaggeration, we can say that an essential oil is a liquid form of a plant. Essential or ethereal oils, or essential oils or olea aetherea, are oily mixtures of aromatic substances obtained from flowers, seeds, leaves and other parts of plants. Essential oils are strongly scented, volatile, water-insoluble substances that are formed by plants as part of secondary metabolism, for example to protect against herbivores or attract pollinators. They are therefore naturally occurring natural substances with many beneficial properties.

The term "essential oil" comes from the chemical technical term "Geist", which Thám's dictionary from 1788 translates into Czech as "spirit, force" in the sense of "volatile essence" ("spiritus"). In terms of word-formation, it is formed by the suffix -ice from the root of force and originated as a New Bohemian expression at the beginning of the 19th century.

Essential oils are especially used in aromatherapy, an old and long branch of alternative medicine for beauty and health that uses almost anything that smells good. Aromatherapy is based on the sense of smell, and it successfully uses fragrant essential oils to alleviate human discomfort.


An important chemotype

The plant can create essential oils of different composition, which therefore have different effects, uses and contraindications. The term chemotype tells what type of essential oil it is from a chemical point of view. So which substance or substances define it chemically, and what effects can we expect from the oil. It is determined by laboratory analysis and confirms the presence of a therapeutically significant molecule in the correct amount.
Based on the chemotype, we can easily determine the appropriate use of the essential oil and compare the essential oil with each other. This is also why we list the chemotype for our oils, as it is a sure guarantee of quality and real therapeutic effects. Not every essential oil is real, let alone high-quality.


Instructions for use:

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of 0.15 ml = about 3 drops. Do not use for more than 14 days at a time.
Do not swallow pure essential oil, or pour it directly into drinks or drinking water. Not suitable during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for children under 6 years of age. Not recommended for children under 12 with a history of seizures. In the case of epilepsy treatment or medical history, consult your doctor first.
Do not use undiluted on skin and always protect eyes.
Internal use is not possible according to Czech legislation. According to the French one, where the product is certified and packaged, it is possible to apply a drop of essential oil to a piece of sugar, or mix it with a teaspoon of honey or vegetable oil.
It cannot be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Keep out of reach of children, light and heat.

  1. Inhalation – add to an aroma lamp, diffuser or inhalation stick or apply to a handkerchief and inhale.
  2. Bath – mix a few drops in vegetable oil, honey or milk and add to the bath.
  3. Massage – body oil is made by mixing essential oil into high-quality vegetable oil
Volume 10 ml
Teritory Madagaskar
Variety Melaleuca quinquenervia
Type of agriculture organic peasant agriculture
The extracted part of the plant leaf
Chemotype eucalyptol, alpha-terpinol, limonene, alpha-pinene, linalool
Method of extraction water vapor under low pressure
Supplement Facts
Expiration 03.08.2024

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