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Eidon Manganese Liquid Ionic Concentrate 60 ml

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Support your metabolism, brain and proper blood sugar level with Eidon Manganese!

Manganese supports energy production, connective tissue, and nerve function.

Manganese is an essential element that most people know little about. Adequate tissue manganese is important for numerous physiological functions. Among those are:

  • Maintaining optimal energy and strength levels
  • Catalyzing the production of SOD (superoxide dismutase) - an antioxidant that protects mitochondria in cells
  • Supports healthy bone and cartilage
  • Proper growth and reproduction
  • Bile production
  • Proper functioning of the digestive tract
  • Supports neurological health

With the amount of processed foods consumed today, obtaining adequate manganese is a problem for many people. 

Eidon’s Manganese provides one with the ability to easily adjust their intake to match their needs at 2mgs per suggested dose, which is the adequate intake recommended by the National Academy of Science.

Eidon Manganese plays an essential role in catalyzing enzymes associated with bone and cartilage formation and maintenance. Manganese supports proper brain and nerve function, oxygen transport in the blood, muscle contraction and relaxation. Manganese should be taken separately, away from iron and magnesium.

Natural. Without sugar, starch, artificial flavors, dyes, preservatives and animal by-products. Gentle on the stomach, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, 100% bioavailable. Can be applied locally. Safe for children and pets.




Product Details

Serving Size 30 drops (2 ml)

  Amount per serving % NRV**
Manganese (as manganese chloride) 2 mg 100

** Reference value of nutrients according to Regulation of the European Parliament (EU) no. 1169/2011

Other ingredients: Deionized water

Recommended use: 30 drops (2 presses of the dropper) daily in water. Children under five years old – 15 drops.
Store at room temperature, tightly closed.



With Eidon Liquid Manganese you support your body on several levels at once - digestion, nervous system, reproduction, energy and bones!


Eidon Liquid Minerals are All Natural, Highly Bioavailable and contain NO sugars, starch, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or animal by-products. Vegan and Gluten-Free. Eidon uses the finest ingredients known to us in the formulation of their unique preparations. Out of respect for all life, they do not test - nor have they ever tested - their products on animals. 

Eidon ionic minerals are clean not only in their composition, but also energetically. Eidon's bottling room is equipped with a supersonic sound (HSS) speaker that directs 528 hertz frequencies at the minerals during bottling.

Obtaining the needed minerals via the food we eat is a chronic problem today. This is primarily due to our deficient soils and over processing and over cooking of our foods. Drinking ultra-purified water can also strip our body of these essential minerals. It is important to be aware of the fact that reverse osmosis and distilled water will actually act in reverse of what nature intended our water to do. Instead of being a mineral delivery system, the minerals are taken out of the water and this puts additional stress on the body tissue to compensate for the lack of minerals in the water. The minerals must then be taken from our healthy reserves in bone and muscle, thus leaving our system deficient and vulnerable. Replacement is essential!


Supplement Facts
Expiration 4/27

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